Objecting your Waardebeschikkingen

Attention Property Owners-

Cactus Accounting wants to keep you informed so that you can feel in control of your tax matters. By law your property tax rate in the Caribbean  Netherlands is determined by a 2 step process. First, your home or property is inspected by government appraisers who also determine its value. Next, the previous property value decisions are passed on to the Caribbean Netherlands Tax Office which in turn uses it to set your tax rate. As per January 1st, 2021 the Caribbean Netherlands Tax Office has been receiving these property value decisions (waardebeschikkingen), which form the basis for your property tax rate for the next 5 years. Do you believe that the value of your home or property has been incorrectly determined? Fortunately, our tax system allows property owners of Caribbean Netherlands the option to OBJECT the property’s government imposed appraised value and get a lower tax rate. How does this work? 

You can proceed by submitting an objection letter to the Caribbean Netherlands Tax Office. 

Your objection letter should be submitted 2 months after the date of your “waardebeschikking”.  If for any reason you do not submit your objection letter according to the above timeframe, the value of your property determined by the tax office will be fixed for the coming 5 years. This may result in you getting stuck with a higher property tax rate. 

Don’t know how to make an objection? Please contact Cactus Accounting Services. Our team will help you save money by taking care of your objection letter against the wrongfully determined value of your property!