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Cactus Accounting Services was established on the first day of the year 1996 and was immediately operational, offering its financial administration services to a select group of clients in the hospitality sector. Cactus Accounting Services found its origins in the local Bonaire “kunuku” (woods), where the typical Bonairean cactus grows freely. So, a new cactus was born.

Now, after more than 24 years we look back on positive growth in the Bonaire economy. With a respectable client base, we serve a variety of industries and sectors with permanent personnel often times outsourced with clients.

One of the greatest achievements for the last 15 years was the implementation and deployment of E-cactus. This is our proprietary online administration system that allows our clients to management their own finances from the comfort of their own space. We install the automated system, train their personnel and provide back up on all Dutch Caribbean islands for our clients who reside there.

This has proved to be a major progress in our service delivery to our clients.

As a local firm we are in business to support clients and potential clients (investors) to successfully establish their businesses in Bonaire and make the right choices from the get go; we help them get there.