Objecting your Waardebeschikkingen Attention Property Owners- Cactus Accounting wants to keep you informed so that you can feel in control of your tax matters. By law your property tax rate in the Caribbean  Netherlands is determined by a 2 step process. First, your home or property is inspected by government appraisers who also determine its value. Next, the previous property value decisions are passed on to the Caribbean Netherlands Tax Office which in turn uses it to set your tax rate. As

The Orange Economy stepping up development

The Orange Economy is most relevant now, today, in this day and age, as it’s based on creativity far exceeding traditional sectors. Its basis is intellectual property, considered as what we’ve always known as “goods” and “services”. Orange Economy is the Creative Economy. In Latin America and the Caribbean there is great potential to develop creative industries through innovation and rich cultural heritage. However, many of these countries have trade deficits and often slower economies.    Countries that have developed an innovative digital strategy